The New 2025 BMW i4 Electric Sedan Becomes Even Better

The BMW i4, already an iconic name in the premium electric sedan segment, steps up its game with the 2025 model. Building on a solid foundation of design, functionality, and technology, the new i4 aims to enhance every aspect of the electric driving experience. This year, BMW not only improves its aesthetics and connectivity but also refines its already impressive electric powertrain. Here’s what the 2025 BMW i4 has in store for enthusiasts and new adopters alike.

Enhanced Battery and EV Technology

For 2025, the BMW i4 M50 continues to lead with its advanced electric drivetrain, likely building on the formidable capabilities of its predecessor. While specific details remain confidential, the upcoming iteration of the i4 M50 is expected to surpass the performance of the current model, which delivers a powerful 544 horsepower and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. The upcoming model is anticipated to improve its battery architecture to offer greater efficiency and range, maintaining its competitive edge with a blend of sporty performance and long-distance capability, projected to exceed the current range of up to 519 kilometers. Charging technology also sees an upgrade, aiming to significantly reduce charging times while increasing convenience for users on the go.

More Connectivity and Features

The 2025 i4 introduces an enhanced digital interface experience with the latest iteration of BMW’s iDrive system. This system includes QuickSelect, which simplifies navigation through digital menus, allowing more intuitive and quicker access to vehicle functions. The new layout features a persistent navigation display and customizable widgets, enhancing the overall user interaction with the car’s numerous systems. Integration with popular connectivity apps such as Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ is seamless, further highlighting BMW’s commitment to a user-centered approach in its digital offerings.

Interior and Exterior Design Improvements

The BMW i4 M50 receives significant design updates that merge functionality and luxury. Externally, the sedan sports a modernized BMW grille and new slim LED headlights that feature a welcome light animation. Two new paint finishes, Cape York Green Metallic and Vegas Red Metallic, expand the color palette to suit varied personal tastes. The M Sport package enhances the exterior with a glossy black diffuser and larger side air intakes, improving both the vehicle’s aesthetics and aerodynamic properties.

Inside, the cabin design takes a leap forward with cutting-edge digital interfaces and streamlined controls. The revamped layout is not only more visually appealing but also more user-friendly, supporting safe and focused driving.

Arriving Later This Year

The global launch of the new 2025 BMW i4 is scheduled for July 2024. This timing perfectly aligns with the growing consumer shift towards electric vehicles, positioning the i4 as a leading contender in the luxury electric sedan market. Potential buyers can expect a range of models including the high-performance i4 M50 and the efficient i4 xDrive40, catering to a broad spectrum of performance and lifestyle needs.


The 2025 BMW i4 is set to redefine the standards of luxury electric driving. With its blend of advanced EV technology, enhanced connectivity features, and dynamic design both inside and out, the i4 offers a more sophisticated and balanced driving experience. Whether for daily commutes or spirited weekend drives, the new i4 is designed to impress at every turn, further cementing BMW’s legacy in the luxury electric vehicle segment.