Canada Welcomes the BMW M5 Touring for the First Time

In a groundbreaking move for automotive enthusiasts across Canada, BMW Group Canada has unveiled plans to introduce the 2025 BMW M5 Touring to the Canadian market, a premiere for the storied high-performance vehicle. Set to join the ranks alongside the 7th generation BMW M5 sedan, the M5 Touring variant’s arrival is keenly anticipated, with production gearing up for the fourth quarter of 2024.

BMW Listened to Enthusiasts

This announcement is the culmination of a dynamic campaign by BMW, which sought to gauge public interest in bringing the M5 Touring to Canadian shores. The response was nothing short of phenomenal, with the campaign generating 7,200 petitions and setting new records for engagement on BMW Canada’s website and social media platforms. This overwhelming show of support from the Canadian public and enthusiasts underscores a deep-seated passion for the M brand and a collective eagerness to welcome the M5 Touring.

The BMW M5 has long been revered as the epitome of high-performance sedan engineering, with a nearly 40-year legacy of blending agility, precision, and dynamic driving experience. The M5 Touring, with its history of Motorsport-derived engines and unparalleled driving comfort, extends this legacy into the realm of high-performance wagons. Originating in 1992 with the E34 M5 sedan’s Touring variant, and later with the 2007 fourth generation (E60) M5 featuring a high-revving 5-liter V10, the M5 Touring has consistently delivered a satisfying driving experience without sacrificing comfort or storage space.

High-Performance Hybrid Powertrain For the New BMW M5 Touring

The upcoming M5 Touring is poised to revolutionize the segment with the introduction of an M Hybrid drivetrain, echoing BMW M’s shift towards electrification. This new powertrain, inspired by the prowess of the BMW M Hybrid V8 GTP race car, aims to offer the characteristic M performance in a more sustainable package. This evolution highlights BMW M’s commitment to innovating within the high-performance segment while embracing environmental responsibility.

Prototypes of the M5 Touring are already navigating a rigorous testing phase, traversing everything from city streets to mountain roads, and high-speed autobahns to the challenging curves of the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife. These tests are crucial for fine-tuning the integration of the hybrid drive and suspension systems, ensuring the vehicle delivers BMW M’s signature balance of sporty performance and everyday comfort.

The introduction of the BMW M5 Touring to Canada is not just an addition to the lineup but a significant moment that reflects the evolving tastes and environmental consciousness of drivers. This eagerly awaited model promises to deliver the exhilarating performance associated with the M badge, alongside the practicality and efficiency demanded by today’s automotive landscape. For BMW enthusiasts and prospective drivers, the arrival of the M5 Touring signifies a thrilling new chapter in the realm of high-performance vehicles, blending the best of driving dynamics, innovation, and versatility.