BMW wins the AJAC 2024 Best Green Innovation Award for its electric vehicles

BMW was recently recognized by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) for its advances in electric vehicle (EV) technology, winning the 2024 Best Green Innovation Award. The award is part of AJAC’s annual celebration of automotive excellence, which is divided into three categories: Best Green Innovation, Best Safety Innovation, and Best Technical Innovation. This honour comes after the i4 electric saloon was named AJAC Car of the Year 2023, marking a significant milestone as the first all-electric model to win this prestigious title.

The cornerstone of BMW’s success is its 5th Generation Electric Drive System, notable for its departure from the traditional use of rare metals in motor design. Instead, BMW has employed current-excited synchronous motors, featuring a rotating rotor and fixed stator that generate a magnetic field through electric currents, eliminating the need for rare materials.

Another significant aspect of the 5th Generation Electric Propulsion System is its improved maintenance. The system is designed to allow most of its components to be repaired or replaced individually, reducing maintenance costs and minimising waste. In addition, the system boasts a reduced size and weight compared with previous versions, improving the power-to-weight ratio of vehicles by 30%.

This technology is not only a cornerstone of BMW’s award-winning electric vehicles, such as the i4, iX, i7, and the new i5, but also underlines BMW’s commitment to sustainability throughout the vehicle’s life cycle, from materials sourcing to production and eventual recycling.

Overview of the BMW 2024 electric vehicle range

BMW’s commitment to electrification is evident in its 2024 range, which focuses on performance, luxury and innovation. Each model reflects BMW’s commitment to combining sustainable mobility with its iconic driving experience.

BMW iX 2024

The BMW iX is a fully electric Sports Activity Vehicle™ that redefines the segment with its futuristic design and practical everyday utility. It is designed to balance dynamic performance with efficiency.

  • BMW iX xDrive40: Offers a range of up to 356 km and delivers up to 322 hp, combining efficient dynamics and power.
  • BMW iX xDrive50: ups the ante with a range of up to 500 KM and up to 516 HP, for those looking for extended travel and more robust performance.
  • BMW iX M60 xDrive: For the ultimate in performance, it delivers up to 476 KM of range and up to 610 HP, blending BMW M performance with electric vehicle technology.

BMW i4 2024

The BMW i4 is a testament to what electric vehicles can achieve, offering impressive range and efficiency alongside the exhilarating performance BMW is known for.

  • BMW i4 eDrive35: With a range of up to 418 km and up to 281 hp, this version is designed for efficient long-distance journeys without sacrificing performance.
  • BMW i4 eDrive40: Offers an extended range of up to 484 KM and up to 335 HP, balancing remarkable efficiency with dynamic driving capabilities.
  • BMW i4 M50 xDrive: Provides up to 435 KM of range and up to 536 HP, targeting those who want the exciting performance of an M model with the benefits of electric mobility.

BMW i7 2024

The BMW i7 is BMW’s flagship electric car, combining high-performance electric propulsion with cutting-edge technology and luxury. It is designed for an unrivalled driving and passenger experience.

  • BMW i7 xDrive60: Delivers up to 512 km of range and up to 536 HP, offering a blend of luxury and performance that is hard to match.
  • BMW i7 M70 xDrive: For those looking for the ultimate in power, it offers up to 474 KM of range and up to 650 HP, setting new standards for luxury electric performance.

Every model in BMW’s EV range for 2024 is equipped with the innovative 5th generation electric propulsion system, ensuring that durability, performance and luxury go hand in hand. Whether you’re looking for the dynamic performance of the i4, the unrivalled luxury of the i7, or the practical innovation of the iX, BMW’s 2024 EV range caters for a wide range of preferences and needs, while advancing the cause of electrified mobility.