A Look at the Differences Between the 2024 BMW X1 and the 2024 BMW X3

For prospective buyers hesitating between the 2024 BMW X1 and the 2024 BMW X3, the decision isn’t straightforward. While both models share similarities, they also have unique characteristics worth considering. This article aims to simplify that decision-making process by providing a comprehensive yet focused comparison of these two luxury SUVs.




Both the X1 and X3 come standard with a 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder engine. However, the X3 pulls ahead slightly in horsepower, delivering 248 hp as opposed to the X1’s 241 hp. The X3 also offers an available 3.0-litre Inline-Six turbo engine that puts out an impressive 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque.


That said, the X1 has the edge when it comes to base torque, offering 295 lb-ft. The X1 was redesigned last year and received a significant boost in performance and efficiency thanks to the addition of a mild-hybrid system in its base powertrain. Moreover, the X1 gets a new, more powerful M35i version this year. While both models offer robust performance, the X1 tends to be more agile with sharper handling, particularly beneficial in city driving. Conversely, the X3 provides better overall comfort and balance.


If you want the best fuel economy: The 2024 X1 will give you better fuel economy overall than the X3.


If you want the best performance: The 2024 X3 M40i will give you the quickest accelerations while the X3 will provide the best overall comfort and balance.


If you want the best agility and handling: Both models offer exceptional handling. However, the X1 is smaller and therefore more agile around the city.


Interior Space


Interior Dimension BMW X1 (mm) BMW X3 (mm)
Front Head Room 1,034 – 1,044 1,026 – 1,069
Front Leg Room 1,024 1,026
Front Shoulder Room 1,463 1,425
Rear Head Room 978 – 993 970 – 998
Rear Leg Room 925 940
Rear Shoulder Room 1,422 1,400


While the differences may not be substantial, they could make a noticeable impact depending on your needs. The X1 offers slightly more front shoulder room, while the X3 has a little more legroom in the back. For young families, the X3 is the more versatile option because of its larger rear seats. However, the redesigned X1 is surprisingly spacious given that it is supposed to be the smaller SUV of the two.


Cargo Volume


The X1 offers a cargo volume to the second row ranging from 770 – 813 L, while the X3 provides 541 L. The overall cargo area is larger in the X3, but the X1 gives you more space behind the rear seats.


Choosing between the 2024 BMW X1 and X3 ultimately comes down to your specific needs and preferences. If agility, torque, and fuel efficiency are high on your list, then the X1 is the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more power, comfort, and a bit more rear legroom, the X3 is the better fit. In either case, both models offer a compelling mix of luxury, performance, and utility.